Dec 23, 2012

I can in no sense boast of having arrived. I am convinced that I see more clearly than I did, though ‘convinced’ is a word at once too weak and too intellectual. That is all. Perhaps it would be better to say this; the freer and more detached parts of me have struggled up into the light, but there is still much of me that lies in shadow, untouched by the almost level rays of the dawning sun: much of me is still, as Claudel would put it, unevangelised. This part of me can still have a fellow-feeling for groping souls, travellers and seekers….

I can now explain the general direction of the task I have set myself today. I want to make it my business to reflect before those who follow in my footsteps, and so perhaps to stretch out a helping hand to them as they climb the dark hill of Destiny, our common fate. We never climb alone, though we often seem to do so; belief in loneliness is the first illusion to dispel, the first obstacle to overcome; in some cases the first temptation to conquer.

Gabriel Marcel, from his essay “Thoughts on Faith” (via my friend Ron)
My name is Wesley Hill. I am an assistant professor of New Testament at Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pennsylvania.

This is my commonplace book and sometime-journal.

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