Dec 18, 2012

Christmas, in other words, requires Easter. Christmas is the announcement of glad tidings. But without Easter, Christmas is nothing but disappointment, the failed promises of God and his dead would-be Messiah. Easter — the resurrection — is why Christmas is Christmas. The glad tidings of Gabriel, the angels, the prophet Simeon and the others are glad precisely because the death of Jesus was not their end.

Not only does Easter resurrect the promises of Christmas; it also transforms them. No longer can we hear Gabriel’s words or the angel’s proclamation without the knowledge that death and resurrection are the condition of their fulfillment. No sentimentality, no heroics, no jingle. Forward-pointing hope is what these promises become. They look to Easter for their fulfillment, and from this fulfillment comes our joy.

C. Kavin Rowe
My name is Wesley Hill. I am an assistant professor of New Testament at Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pennsylvania.

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